This article lists the basic Python packages you would need for shells and scripts. These packages were developed by Quali and are available on public PyPi.

While there are additional packages for specific needs and capabilities, the packages listed below cover most of the required functionality. For additional information, see Quali’s Shell Framework (Python 2) for python 2.7 automation and Quali’s Shell Framework (Python 3) if you’re developing in Python 3.x.


  • cloudshell-orch-core is the only package you need for orchestration scripts.
  • cloudshell-orch-core contains cloudshell-automation-api
  • While cloudshell-automation-api includes several methods that apply to shells, it provides unnecessary access to CloudShell administrative areas and is therefore not recommended to be used in shells.
Package Python version Description Links
cloudshell-orch-core Python 2/3 Package for writing CloudShell orchestration scripts. For additional information, see Best Practices for working with orchestration scripts. PyPi/GitHub
cloudshell-automation-api Python 2/3 Package for working with CloudShell Automation API. PyPi/Documentation
cloudshell-logging Python 2/3 Package for creating shell loggers. PyPi/GitHub
cloudshell-core Python 2 Legacy logging package (replaced with cloudshell-logging in version 9.3). PyPi/GitHub
cloudshell-snmp Python 2/3 Package for developing shell communication with devices via SNMP. PyPi/GitHub
cloudshell-cli Python 2/3 Package for developing shell communication with devices via CLI. PyPi/GitHub
cloudshell-shell-core Python 2/3 Package containing base shell functionality and interfaces. PyPi/GitHub